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Contemplating a Job Change?


Things to contemplate before making a major job change. While a job change may be tempting be sure to evaluate your reasons for taking it and why it best fits both your immediate needs and long-term goals.

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Tips For Building a Talent Pool


Building a qualified talent pool that can power your business forward is critical. But developing consistent access to quality talent can be a challenge. Consider these tips when building your talent pool.

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Ban Buzzwords On Your Resume


While it’s tempting to describe how hard you work, or how punctual you are, listing such attributes on your resume can turn off a hiring manager. Why? — because they’ve heard these buzzwords hundreds of times before.

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Should I stay or should I go? Considering a Career Change?

Mercermatchblog-Career Change

People consider a career change for a multitude of reasons — job dissatisfaction, family priorities, or the desire for a new challenge. Before you take that step, ask whether your reasons for considering a change in career are in sync with your priorities and the kind of life you want to lead.

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Turning an Internship Into a Job Offer

MercerMatch Blog - Tips for Turning an Internship Into a Job Offer

Tips for Turning an Internship Into a Job Offer Landing an internship while you’re still in college or a recent college graduate is one of the smartest things you can do. You’ll not only gain valuable experience in your career field but can also get your foot in the door in terms of getting hired…

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Unusual Jobs That May Be Perfect

Mercer Match Blog - Unusual Jobs That May Be Perfect

Unusual Jobs There are a lot of ways to earn a living, whether it’s walking someone’s dogs or working as a professional cuddler — yup, you read that right! But if you’re someone who wants to put their college degree to work – there’s no field of study for cuddlers — at least not yet…

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Hiring in the Digital Age

MercerMatch Blog - Hiring in the Digital Age

Hiring in the Digital Age: What’s Next for Recruiting? It’s no secret — the world of recruiting has become nearly 100 percent digital and it will only continue as technology evolves. The question is, what’s next for an ever-changing recruiting world that’s clearly riding a digital wave? Here’s a look: Your Brand is Everything Well,…

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