How to Build a Qualified Talent Pool

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Tips For Building a Talent Pool

As a recruiter, it’s no secret that you play a crucial role in building the kind of talent pool that will help move your business forward. But developing consistent access to quality talent can be challenging.

No matter what your company has working in its favor – from products to goals to strategies – it won’t be effective without qualified talent. Indeed, the quality of your human capital will make or break your company. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re in charge of your company’s talent pool.

  1. Know your business

The last thing you want is to recruit by the seat or your pants because you’re not paying attention to what roles and departments have the most turnover. Have a clear understanding of your company’s plans for growth, expansion, and future projects so you can anticipate future hiring needs.

  1. Analyze

Anticipating the future hiring needs of your organization is made easier by careful analysis. Don’t just design your plans and develop talent based on today’s needs, but also by tomorrow’s possibilities. A good place to start is by identifying the number of positions that are critical to developing your company’s goals. Another thing to consider is a ‘what if’ analysis – if a key member of the leadership team or other department leaves, what would be the impact and how would he or she be replaced?

  1. Developing your brand

Attracting today’s top talent means identifying your company as a target employer. And this is where your company brand comes in. Your brand should identify what kind of employment experience you have to offer, whether it’s family-oriented, competitive, entrepreneurial, and so on. Today’s potential employees are doing as much research about your company as you are about them.

  1. Be open about future opportunities

Potential candidates like companies that are open about career progression opportunities. Celebrate the success stories of current employees who’ve risen through the ranks, including on social media.

  1. Partner with a talent development organization

If you’re struggling with identifying what your talent pool is lacking, it may be helpful to partner with a talent development organization that can help you see other possibilities.

  1. Always be networking

While you may feel that you don’t have the time to attend networking events, they’re a great way to develop and maintain your talent pipeline.

  1. Employee referrals

Employee referral programs are becoming increasingly popular and aren’t going away anytime soon. They’re not only a great way to identify top talent, but they can also save you time and money in the recruiting process. People who are already employed at your company are knowledgeable about your industry and know who would be a good fit for your company’s culture. You may want to consider instituting a referral bonus program for employees who refer friends and acquaintances.

  1. Use strategic communication

A one-size-fits-all approach to communicating with candidates isn’t as effective as creating messages that appeal to different groups and types of workers. For example, some candidates may prefer receiving communications via email, others via social media.

  1. Stay in touch

Be careful not to let the relationships in your pipeline stagnate. Maintaining communications with candidates will help ensure that you’ll always have a good pool of talent for the future.

All of the above strategies can help you maintain a pipeline of talent that will help your business grow while making your job easier. Moreover, you’ll always be sure that you’re attracting interest from the highest-quality candidates.

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