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How To Improve Employee Engagement (And Why You Need To)

Employee engagement shouldn’t be something that’s talked about behind closed doors but never practiced. Without engagement, the chances of creating an inspired, motivated workforce are slim and none.

Studies have shown that workers who aren’t engaged are more likely to leave a company, or if they stay, will have issues with job dissatisfaction and potentially create a harmful work environment. In addition, disengagement can even cost your company money since replacing mid-range employees can cost up to 20% of their salary.

So, how do you keep your employees engaged? Here are some suggestions:

Emphasize your employees’ strengths

An important engagement driver for an employee is maximizing his or her strengths every day. Let your employees define their strengths then, if consistent with core business objectives, give them the freedom to use them.

Create a positive work environment

Consider the fact that an employee spends more time on the job than they do at home. If their workplace culture isn’t positive, productivity will lag while job dissatisfaction will soar. That’s why it’s crucial to create a culture that emphasizes teamwork, family and trust.

Encourage communication

Talk directly with your employees if you feel that they’re not engaged. Ask them for ideas, encourage creativity, while implementing their best ideas and making modifications where needed.

Give them opportunities to grow

An employee who feels “stuck” in their job with little chance of advancement will be stagnant and uninspired. There should be a clear path for them to climb the ranks, take on greater responsibility, and earn a higher salary. Have one-on-one conversations with employees to discuss their personal and professional goals.

Have a clear purpose

Employees become disengaged while working in a culture that has no clear purpose of vision. They need to feel that their work matters and that they’re contributing something that’s helping the company move forward in a positive direction.

Eliminate stress

OK, so most jobs will have stressful moments, but don’t allow stress to reach a breaking point in your workforce. Excessive workloads and impossible deadlines will slowly eat away at job satisfaction and productivity. Reduce the stress in your workplace by setting realistic deadlines while keeping workloads at a manageable level. Keep an open dialogue with employees to gauge how they’re handling the work assigned to them. It’s also important to set up areas where they can go to relieve stress, whether it’s a break room or a game room.

Invest in education

Offering education opportunities to your employees will keep them excited about their current roles and encourage them to take on leadership responsibility.

Show appreciation

If you do nothing else, show your employees that you care about them and value their work. It’s no secret that employees will work harder if they feel that their efforts are noticed. And showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be elaborate; sometimes just a simple “thank you” is more than enough. But it’s important to praise regularly, not just during annual reviews.

Looking for signs of employee disengagement or lack of motivation is a must if you want to maintain a workplace that inspires and engages them. Showing that you’re interested in their overall well-being will only help build employee engagement.

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