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Creating Persuasive Job Descriptions

Creating appealing job descriptions is perhaps even more important than ever. Companies hoping to attract the best and most qualified candidates have to do much more than simply advertising their job opening and wait while resumes come flooding in. And it all starts with job descriptions.

Potential candidates have a multitude of ways to search job abs – including on their mobile devices – and the days of ads consisting of multiple pages of block text are fading into memory. So, what makes up a highly-effective job description? Let’s take a look.

Everyday language

First of all, a job ad is a marketing vehicle but often is presented in the driest, most boring way possible. The ad includes a laundry list of qualifications, legalese, outdated jargon, and more. Effective ads, on the other hand, include everyday language and reasons why the job opening presents an exciting opportunity. Better yet, they include only the most essential job requirements while excluding those that aren’t.


Today’s job candidates – particularly millennials – see through job ads that used exaggerated language (“guru,” “rockstar”) in the job title. Accuracy and clarity are more effective and ensure that your organization attracts the right people.

Keep the candidate in mind

Job descriptions should be written, first and foremost, with the candidate in mind. While that may seem obvious, companies often make the mistake of thinking that all the candidate needs are a long list of requirements. Instead, ads should explain why the candidate will be part of something engaging and satisfying, and answer the question of, “What’s in it for me?” If your company is working on challenging, unique, and interesting projects, then that should be included in the job ad.

Be visual

Today’s candidates are looking at job ads on the smartphone or tablet, which makes it even more important to create job descriptions that are visually appealing. A lengthy, uninterrupted block of text will be quickly ignored if accessed by a person’s mobile device. Quickly capturing the attention of tech-savvy candidates who may be targeted by multiple companies is vital.

Focus on competence

It’s not that experience isn’t important. But competence, in many cases, is more crucial for hiring the best candidate, who may have fewer years of experience than other candidates but more proficiency. Use specific word choices to describe the personality traits and qualifications that candidates must have.

Focus on culture

Creating job descriptions focused on brand and culture will help you uncover the best candidates. Make it easy for them to imagine themselves working for your country by giving them a look at your company’s culture and brand, whether it’s a short video snippet or other means.

Make the application process quick and easy

Beyond the job description, the process of applying for the job should be efficient and easy. Studies have shown that many candidates give up during the application process because information is too hard to find or the overall hiring process is too frustrating.

Attracting the best candidates for your company may mean evaluating your entire hiring process. That includes how your job opening is presented, and what appeals to today’s candidates is ever-evolving. Keep that in mind when writing your job description.

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