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Helpful Tips for Job Seekers Who Struggle to Land Interviews

You’re one of hundreds of job seekers who seem to struggle landing interviews. You’ve applied for dozens of jobs that you feel uniquely qualified for, yet you can’t get as far as an interview. What gives? While there’s no single answer, your struggle may be due to a variety of reasons.

Your resume is an obvious culprit because a poorly-constructed one can sink your chances of getting hired before you ever get a chance to state your case. The following are things to consider before shipping out your next resume to a potential employer.

For Job Seekers Who Are Chronically Unemployed

There are a lot of reasons why a person is unemployed – including many that are out of their control. Perhaps the company you worked for went under, or you’ve been a stay-at-home parent who’s now looking to get back into the workforce. But, no matter what the reason, your resume has to account for gaps in your employment history. What to do? For starters, you can lead with other activity in your resume’s “Experience” section, such as freelance, non-profit, or volunteer work.

For Job-Hopping Job Seekers

Let’s face it, the company that hires you wants a return on their investment. If you leave after a year, that’s not a great ROI for them, and it means the hiring manager will have to go through the same recruiting process again much sooner than he or she wanted. A resume that shows you hop from job-to-job can send up red flags. Be up front about the reasons as to why you’ve job-hopped.

For Job Seekers Who Lack a Career Progression

Consistent career progression shows that you take your job seriously and have taken the initiative to advance within the organization. It also demonstrates the potential for growth in the company to which you’re applying. Make sure to note any promotion on your resume. If you haven’t been promoted, make a note of additional responsibilities you were given as well as accomplishments.

For Overqualified Job Seekers

Yes, it’s great to have a ton of qualifications at your disposal – whether they be educational or job-related – but listing too many is a signal to some hiring managers that you’re overqualified for the position. Moreover, it can suggest that you’ll only stay in the position until something better comes along. Instead of listing every single qualification you have, list only those experiences that directly relate to the job you’re seeking.

Resume Tips For Job Seekers

Don’t send the same resume to every company unless you’re applying for the same job. You don’t have to list every job you’ve had, but only the ones that highlight the skills you’ll need to perform the job being offered. Hiring managers expect to see a resume that closely matches the job description. List previous job responsibilities that match those listed in the job description.

The same can be said for your cover letter, as well. Don’t send the same cover letter to every potential employer, but take the time to customize it to fit every opportunity. And hiring managers can spot a “stock” cover letter a mile away.

Take a look at our recent post “7 Hacks for a Killer Cover Letter” for helpful tips.

Landing a job interview means making sure the person who reviews your resume recognizes your value as a potential employee. Craft your resume in a way that emphasizes the skills and abilities needed to do the job properly.

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