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Recruitment Mistakes To Avoid

The process of hiring qualified candidates isn’t always easy, but avoiding the most common recruitment mistakes can help. Anybody who has ever attempted to hire somebody for an open position knows how difficult the process can be. From the outside it seems easy, especially in an economy where many people are looking for well-paid work. In the real world though, recruiting the right candidates isn’t exactly a simple proposition.

When looking to hire the right employees, there’s a good chance you’re doing many things right. Unfortunately, even one recruitment mistake can keep the best employees just out of reach for your company.

Keep reading to learn about the fatal recruitment mistakes you need to avoid if you want top talent on your team.

You Don’t Know What You Want

In most cases, businesses understand what a potential employee needs to bring to the table. Often times though, there’s a communication breakdown between departments, managers and HR heads.

When the HR department is looking for one type of employee, the manager is looking for another, and the project manager who will work directly with the candidate has his or her own ideas, even narrowing down the search can be time consuming. You’ll also confuse candidates looking to find the right fit for their talents.

Get on the same page and communicate with everybody in the hiring process. If you don’t, you won’t even be interviewing the right way, which takes us to the next fatal flaw you don’t want to make when looking for ideal employees to grow your business.

You’re Interviewing Too Much

Almost everybody knows that conducting a thorough interview is an important part of finding the right candidate for a job, especially if you’ve got multiple qualified applicants on deck. The problem is that round after round of interviews can drive the best employees toward a more streamlined company.

When you do your interviewing, try to schedule panel discussions or question sessions if multiple people need to be involved in the hiring process. If you don’t want to do a panel interview, at least stagger appointment times so that a candidate can meet with various people in a single day.

Having an employee come back to meet with a handful of different people without even being told they’re in the running for any real position will send the best and brightest running to the arms of your competitors.

You Aren’t Giving Feedback

There’s not a qualified candidate, or even an unqualified one for that matter, that wants to wait weeks or months to hear something about a job. When it comes to the people you really want to hire, not providing feedback is like asking them to actively pursue other job opportunities, even if they’re really interested in working with you.

While hiring somebody might easily take 30 to 60 days, you don’t have to leave candidates in the dark through the process. Instead, reach out to them and let them know they’re still in the running.

Hiring skilled employees isn’t easy, but avoiding the most common recruitment mistakes can help you get talent in the door.

Communication, an expedient interview process and candidate transparencies really are essential when you want the best and the brightest working for your company.

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