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Shrinking Staff — How to Cope With Increased Workloads

Human Resources departments everywhere are faced with the same challenge: shrinking staff size and increasing workload. The 21st century was heralded as bringing HR into the strategic business discussion. Increasingly, however, busy HR professionals find it difficult to do more than the minimum necessary in providing service delivery to managers and employees while ensuring compliance with the ever-increasing regulatory and reporting requirements facing them.

Improving the Process Can Help

Unfortunately, too much time is still spent on performing and measuring HR activities rather than on delivering strategic business value to the organization. Consider these simple steps to help improve efficiency in your organization — even with a shrinking staff.

Work more efficiently

Do you wish you could work more efficiently in delivering administrative services, reducing the time required for those necessary activities, so that you could be more effective in responding to value added organizational needs? At Mercer, we believe you can.

Start with a process review

A thorough review of your existing process flows is the place to start to identify inefficiencies and redundancies. One organization discovered through this process that one piece of paper that was integral to the on boarding of new hires actually “walked” 14 miles before all steps in the process were complete.

Identifying this waste and implementing a cleaner process allowed that HR department to re-deploy two resources to more strategic organizational initiatives. No reduction or addition to headcount, but much improved delivery and credibility for the department.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Match

If you’re finding that the increase in your workload is interfering with your hiring or on-boarding responsibilities, Mercer Match can help. We specialize in finding diverse, nontraditional talent or top sales professionals, specialty sales, call center representatives and retail sales. For more information please visit Mercer Match or email Katerina Rodriguez.

Written by Mercer PeoplePro Talent Management specialist, Kathleen Huggins

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