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Take the Guesswork out of Talent Acquisition with Mercer Match

MercerMatch cuts through the traditional resume evaluation process to connect you to high performing talent that fits your culture. Employees perform better and stay longer.

Mercer Match is the next generation hiring app that leverages neuroscience and big data to accurately identify a candidate’s abilities and potential for your specific open positions.

Neuroscience + data science for recruiting


Improve process

Our candidates are 5-10x more likely to be successful than the average resume-sourced candidate. That’s because resume data has poor predictive power.


Uncover nontraditional talent

Look beyond the resume and traditional qualifications to uncover candidates in your talent community who might have the underlying traits to succeed in your roles.


Increase diversity

Mercer Match is the anti-bias algorithm. All our algorithms have complete gender and ethnic balance in recommended candidates. We use unbiased trait inputs instead of using any resume data (which is very frequently biased).

Recruit top-notch candidates that fit the cognitive and emotional profile
of your successful employees

The Mercer Match games are created based on decades of well-established neuroscience research. They assess eighty key cognitive and emotional traits. The goal is to identify tasks that would most reveal the traits that recruiters and hiring managers want to know. Together, these games provide a snapshot of a person's unique characteristics.

Mercer Match games are non-directional, meaning that unlike school or standardized tests, there is no most advantageous end of the spectrum to score on. Instead, they measure traits where either end of the spectrum can be beneficial based on the demands of a particular profession.



Position your company as an innovative employer and attract candidates who wouldn’t otherwise apply and who most closely fit your ideal trait profile



Use candidate and company trait profiles to place high-potential hires and improve their likelihood of success



Use Mercer Match internal mobility platform to identify opportunities for your existing employees

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