Why Texting is the Future of Recruiting

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4 Reasons Why Texting is the Future of Recruiting

Companies are always looking for the edge that will bring top talent to their own company over the competition. Texting and automation can help your HR technology strategy in a seamless and hassle-free way that shows your potential new hire just how in-tune you are with the current trends of the industry. Here’s why you need to incorporate texting in your strategy:

  1. People Already Have Access to a Phone

Texting is simple. It goes directly to a device on a platform that 99% of phone owners are already set up with. Nearly every American adult now has a cell phone with an average person checking their phone 150 times a day. Your messages are not going to be missed and isn’t a hassle for a potential lead to read your messages quickly and discreetly.

  1. Automated Texting is Efficient

You have better things to do than send out 50 different emails in a week that all say essentially the same thing. Automation is simply setting up content to fire off whenever an action is taken or a deadline is approaching. Texts are better than emails at communication because they are less intrusive and are read much faster. You can set up a thank you text to go out as soon as a new applicant submits their forms online, giving them a brief explanation of what happens next in the process and letting them know everything went through. An automated text can help remind applicants of interview times, directions or remind new hires of training schedules. When you set up texts to go out without prompting, you are able to react quickly in a personal way to each applicant while simultaneously reducing your own personal role in the process. Automated text means better communication with less busy work.

  1. It’s Fast and Convenient

Many recruits are looking to change jobs and may struggle to answer an email or call during the day while working at the job they are trying to leave. A text is subtle, allowing your lead to check and respond as soon as it works best for them. Because most professionals keep their phones with them in the workplace, texting also means that they will likely be able to respond to any questions during work hours. 

  1. You Get a Clearer Picture with Texting

Texting can be used to track your applicants and get a better picture of where everyone is in the application process. Texting keeps a record of your conversations in case you need to go back and check a detail or conversation point. Phone calls are very difficult to track accurately without recording and extensive notes. While email can be strategic in tracking, texting is more streamlined while offering the same ability to track links, response times and see updates in the hiring process.

Texting Makes the Process Seamless

Whether you are sending directions that can be pulled up on the phone GPS or sending a link to paperwork that needs to be filled out for a step within your hiring process, the texting platform makes your communication flow seamlessly. Once you’ve selected a potential new hire, you can easily send them texts and start conversations before the interview process even starts.

Implementing SMS for your recruiting process is an important step in appealing to top talent. Don’t waste your time with busy work communication or a lack of communication – use automated texting to do most of the small jobs within the hiring process for you.


Mercer Match Blog Texting

Written by, Ken Rhie, the CEO of Trumpia

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